ZdMultiLang removal

I am trying to uninstall ZdMultiLang. This plugin is no longer developped / supported. This night I will proceed with the first attempt.

Why stopping multilingual

At the end of last year, I decided to remove the multilangual plugin installed in my blog, for two main reasons:

  • First, I haven’t enough time to write posts in both French and English,
  • Second, the plugin used (ZdMultilang) is no longer developed, and supported. Installing another plugin will lead to the same issue at the end.

The strategy is the following: I will continue to write in French for categories Perso, Techno and Photo, but will write in English, all posts of the category Development. By this way, I have no translation to do.

Why chosen this strategy? Because I have two categories of readers: some of them are coming to my blog to find some documentation on my WordPress plugins. Most of them are NOT French. Some others are coming to my blog to read the tips on WordPress, or learn photo technics. Most of them are French.

As the plugin’s documentation must be written in English, this strategy is consistent, evenif writing categories of a blog with several languages can be considered as « strange »

Planned operations

The global strategy chosen is: I will create a new post for each existing translation, and will link the French, and the corresponding translated post.
As I have more than 100 translated posts, I will do everything automatically. I wrote some PHP lines for that.

Uninstall a multilingual plugin requires many operations. We need at least to

  • Prepare the change at theme level (menus for example),
  • Prepare widgets,
  • List of translated posts/pages,
  • Create new standards posts or pages, with the translations listed in the previous step,
  • Link these new posts, with the same categories, tags, taxonomies, meta values than the french posts,
  • Check attachments and galleries shortcode,
  • Think about RSS feeds
  • … …

I will start this night (CET), trying to minimize the potential impacts. After the plugin removal, I will re-organize the plugins’s documentation

I hope all of these operations won’t be too heavy for you, dear readers.

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