WordPress Plugin Competition 2009: EG-Delicious 1.0

As mentioned in a previous post, I participate to the contest WordPress Plugin Competition 2009, with the plugin EG-Delicious-Sync. The contest is closed since August 1st, we just have to wait the verdict of the jury. If you use Delicious, don’t hesitate to try the last version of the plugin, and to vote vote on the contest site.

Since I started the blog, I had some problems with the blogroll. I never filled it. In fact, having to maintain an « additional » list was  a bit bored. At the same time, I tried to choose a bookmark manager.

When I finally chose Delicious, the idea of having a single list to manage came naturally, since this bookmarker offers an API interesting.

Since last March, I started a « feasibility study », with several posts:

and also two posts, on the  taxonomy, and scheduled tasks.

All of these posts lead to EG-Delicious, that provides a set of features, such as:

  • Synchronization of bookmarks between Delicious and WordPress,
  • Backup of Delicious database (manual mode for the moment),
  • Synchronization of tags,
  • An enhanced blogroll widget, that can be configured with many parameters,
  • Widgets to display Delicious Network badges, and TagRoll.

The plugin uses the HTTP API of Delicous, rather than the RSS API, for two main reasons:

  • first, the RSS feeds allow to get only the last posted bookmarks, and not the entire database,
  • then, I prefer having a local copy of bookmark database, to avoid getting information directly from Delicious, that can generate some slowdonw.

With this plugin, I have only one list to manage. I launch a synchronization regularly, to display, in the blogroll, the last posts collected in Delicious.

Once again, don’t hesitate to test the plugin, and give your opinion / Vote in the contest blog, on EG-Delicious (or on the other plugins).