WordPress 2.9 and EG plugins

The Beta 2 of WordPress 2.9 is available since last week. The release of the official version is very soon. So, it’s time for me checking the compatibility of my plugins with this new version of this blog engine. I give you also some information about what is planned for the next weeks.

Before speaking of WordPress 2.9, I would like to make some comments abut two functionalities: statistics of EG-Attachments, et administration interface of EG-Series.

In both cases, I published plugins, with a lot of doubt about their reliability, but finally, I received only positive comments. I don’t say that I published non stable plugins, but there are a lot of differences between a plugin behavior in a development platform, than in real life.

The statistic feature of EG-Attachments runs since September, and we have now some significant data:

Statistics page of
Statistics page of EG-Attachments

My « small » pride is about the administration interface of EG-Series. I spent a lot of time, and drank a big amount of cafe to develop this page, but at the end, it is stable, and reliable.

Administration interface of EG-Serie
Administration interface of EG-Serie

After this parenthesis of self-satisfaction, let’s speak about the subject of this post.

From a developer point of view, WordPress 2.9 hasn’t a lot of differences with versions 2.8.x. Two categories of changes:

  • Deletion of obsolete blocks of code,
  • Change of the behavior of functions such as get_children.

The first tests performed on the four plugins published so far, don’t show any issue. So, you can migrate to the version 2.9, the plugins will run.

Given my very limited availability now, I split the work according priorities.
The first update will involve EG-Attachments, to secure the compability, and to add one or two new requested features.
I think I will wait the release of WordPress 2.9, or at least the Release Candidate to publish this new version.

The second part of update, will occur later, and will include:

  • Widgets for EG-Attachments,
  • A new « two columns » format for EG-Archive. The new version will also take into account, the new widget API,
  • The choice of the position of auto-shortcode for EG-Series (before or after the excerpt, or at the end of post).

All of these news will be available during or just after the christmas holidays.

In a third step, I will try to work on EG-Delicious-Sync. I would like to add a feature that automatically publish posts containing the latest added links to Delicious. This work will certainly be released during February.