Updates in progress

The theme and structure of the blog have now more than a year, which is an eternity in blogosphere space-time. Pending a more radical change, I made some small changes. The operations take almost a week.

Three goals

  • Make all required updates,
  • Lighten the blog,
  • Give me the opportunity to publish more frequently.


For plugins updates, I accumulated some weeks months late. So I update almost all the plugins (including mine): the main are Contact Forms, Twitter Tools, Google XML Sitemaps, Link to post and finally ZdMultilang.

The version 1.2.5 of this plugin is a significant improvement compared to the previous version: Better stability and correction of some recurring problems.

This update session was ended with the WordPress itself.

Then I also performed some changes on the plugin EG-Gallery (not published), to take into account the new features of the shortcode Gallery of WordPress 2.9 (especially include / exclude)

Lighten the blog

The blog is a bit slow, I tried to lighten it.

I disabled Simple Tags and Dagon Design Sitemap Generator. Simple Tags is a very good plugin, but I just used it for « related posts » feature. The section « Related posts » disappears from the blog, temporarily or permanently, I don’t know yet.

On theme, I cleaned the files of all unused pieces of code and I removed some redundant requests.

I don’t think the benefit is visible, but this kind of operation is never superfluous.

Creating short

For various reasons, I don’t post as often than before. This is quite frustrating because I often have things to say, but publishing a full post is heavy.

As an experiment, I’ll try briefs. I modified the theme to allow me to publish short text, without images, and which shall not exceed few lines. The idea is to post directly ideas or moods, rather than write them down, then forget them because lack of time.


These maintenance operations are always a bit frustrating: on the one hand, it requires some efforts, and the other, if they are well made, they are invisible to readers. The next step will certainly reviewing or changing the theme, but I don’t intend to change until a few months (summer maybe).