This blog is slowing down?

As you certainly noticed, this blog is slowing down. The frequency of publication is decreasing, and there are nothing in the list of the future posts. Two main reasons: weariness, and some problems of availability. Writing posts takes time, but developping plugin takes more. Clearly, I can’t do both activities. So, I will slow down post writing, until I finish plugins that I want to publish. But during these developments, I still keep ideas, some of which are already on-going. I will explain you some of them.

Blog evolution

I already made some changes at the theme level:

  • The main menu is more « graphic »,
  • I follow the advises of Christophe, and Francis, and installed the plugin Subscribe to comment,
  • I modified also the pages « About » and « Contributions ».

I also made some others hidden modifications: in the languages files, in order to have a clean french version, and in the templates, to simplify the code, and improve the performances.

Next steps: use of cache (or not), the improvement of the blogroll, and redesign of the footer.

I’m worried about the response time of the blog. The traffic is increasing, and I plan to use a cache system. I already test some of cache plugins, but I have to make additional deep tests before to deploy.

Since the beginning of this blog, I didn’t work on the blogroll. The last added link has one year old !!! I am currently working on this subject. This work will certainly generate some posts, and perhaps a plugin.

I don’t like the current footer of the blog. I will redesign it during the following weeks.


At a certain point, I didn’t know where to go. I wanted to speak about techno and developments, but at the same time, I was tired to speak only of WordPress. WordPress is already a very popular subject in internet.

Finally, I found a way of work, and some ideas for posts: I will continue to speak about WordPress, mainly about development en coding, but I will try to find some subjects that are not already treated. But it’s clear now that I will change of the subject within medium or long term.

About photo, I am working on two posts about the use of flashes. The two posts will be published at the end of march or beginning of april. For this kind of subject, I prefer to go slowly to avoid mistakes or missings.


My main problem is about the objectives, that are not really clear or defined. When I started this blog, the objective was to get some visibility in the net. When we speak about visibility, we speak about traffic, and when we speak about traffic, at the end, we speak about publication frequency (perhaps I will write about that). In fact, I didn’t planned that when I started.

At the beginning, I also wanted to speak about general subjects, or give my opinion. Today, the blog is containing technical posts about tools allowing me to start the blog …

This situation doesn’t bother me, because i like the principle that the blog follows the interests or the ideas of its owner, evenif that means the blog can change of editorial way. After all it’s still a personal blog.

But, there is also the more or less conscious pressure of the traffic: the doctor Jekyll side, says «The traffic is not important, the pleasure before all», and the Mister Hide side says «The traffic is too low, hurry up lazy boy!». In fact the traffic is good for the ego, and a blogger is human after all.

I have to make a compromise between work at lot to publish often, and reach higher traffic, or accept a lower traffic, and write less. Because high traffic generates also more works (more comments, more questions …).

When I will find the compromise, I will feel better, because the editorial way will be more clear. Before, I will certainly alternate coding work and posts publication, alternate twice a week publication and immediately after once a month publication.

At the end, does the blogging activity implies to be sadomasochisic? 😉

Post-Scriptum: I don’t feel that this English translation is very good. I apologize.