Some photos from Singapor

After a week of business travel, and two weeks of holidays, I am back. I went to Singapore for my job: I had to start a quite big project quite big. So I had not too much time to travel …
I had a half-day (Sunday afternoon), and 2 evenings to discover this city, I was pleasantly surprised. I give you a quick view of Singapore through the following photos.

A few words about technics:

For photos during the day, I first switched to Av mode (Aperture Priority), and I kept the aperture between f/8 and f/13 to get a big depth of field. The night photos are entirely made in mode M. I am globally satisfied of the result, taking into account that I didn’t use the automatic features of my camera.

Difficulties in managing:

  • Size of buildings: Most of the time, I used the minimum focal length (17mm), and as I was still fairly close, the distortions are very important. I have tried to reduce them during development, but sometimes it is impossible,
  • during days, the sky was quite clouded-over, so the colors of the photos are dull, and I had a very strong difference in brightness between the sky and buildings. No quick fix: I made braketing (manual), then « assembly » during development, or HDR,
  • Given the limited time I had, many photos are taken at night, not during sunset: the contrasts are very high, and the sky very dark. Same technique: the same scene is taken several times with different exposures, and assemblied after