Some news of the blog

For sure this title is not « SEO Optimized ». I should rather choose Migration to WordPress 2.8, for example. But the goal of this post, is to keep you informed of current actions, because I don’t publish a lot, at the moment.
So in bulk, I talk about the update of WordPress, my plugins, posts to come.

Wordpress update

Usually, I migrate pretty quickly. With this version 2.8, it was longer, because of a job workload, and because I had some issues with « hacks » that worked well in 2.6.x, with some troubles in 2.7.x and no more in 2.8 (the plugin EG-Gallery, not published, and some features in the theme).

I had to improve these pieces of code, before update. In July 19th, evening, I switch to WP 2.8.1, and some few hours later, I discover the release of the 2.8.2! So I performed two migrations in less than 24 hours.

Overall, everything went well. Version 2.8.2 was installed with just a little issue (memory). Don’t know today if the problem is coming from this version, or is coming from my platform.

During the migration, I also update plugins:

Last point: you may have noticed that since the last few weeks, I added advertising on the site, with Google Adsense. This is a test. I will certainly change the position and size of the banners to see what happen. The objective is not having a true salary, but if I could pay for my hosting, and domain name, I would be happy. So, if you could click from time to time on a link …


At the moment, I don’t publish a lot … One of the explanations is that I work on the plugin EG-Delicious. This development is more complex than expected initially and, as I take part of the contest WordPress Plugin Competition 2009, I have to complete before the end of the week.

Days (nights in fact) that followed the first publication were quite heavy, because I had a lot of problems with the HTTPS requests management.

The next 1.0.0 version will include:

  • Tags synchronization,
  • Additional widgets to display Delicious information,
  • Automatically add to Delicious, the posts published in WordPress,
  • A feature to backup the Delicious database.

I don’t forget the other plugins. I planned to

  • add widget in EG-Attachments, and study the way to improve the download methd, and count clicks,
  • add posts/page order in EG-Series,
  • give more display options to EG-Archives.

At the same time, I try to fix bugs.


I have about 20 posts on-going.

In the category Photo, I will try to speak about flash, and HDR software. In the category Techno, I have some comments about referencing, blogging (and micro-blogging), and web 2.0 services.

I have also some ideas about WordPress: I think I will work on Ajax/WordPress (for EG-Series), and WordPress MU.


The main conclusion of the last two months is that I can’t, at the same time, develop plugins, and write posts. Especially as, published posts or plugins are more complex, and have nothing common with the initial ideas that are often simple (because linked to a personal need or curiosity). The best example is EG-Delicious: for me the development is a leisure, and with this plugin it becomes a hassle.

But now, this development is nearly finished. So, after some weeks of vacations, I will come back to writing, trying to alternate short and long posts, to keep a rhythm of one/two post(s) per week.