Some news about EG-Series

I continue to empty the backlog of all requests, and reported errors on my plugins. I started with EG-Attachments, I am working on EG-Series, and I will conclude with EG-Delicious.
Here is a status for the development of EG-Series 2.0.

Custom Fields / Taxonomy

Why 2.0 and not 1.5? Because I rewrite most of the code.

Until now, the plugin was based on Custom Fields. I decided this for several reasons:

  • I remained compatible with previous versions to WP 2.8,
  • I hadn’t a clear vision of what would become taxonomies of WordPress,
  • Even when the plugin is uninstalled, the data remains visible / accessible to the author.

Today things are changing:

  • First, we are in version 3.0 (and soon 3.1) of WordPress. As I chose to be compatible with the only two last versions of WordPress, I can abandon the glorious versions 2.6 and 2.7,
  • then, versions 3.0 (and 3.1à increases the capability to modify the taxonomy of WordPress,
  • The most popular plugins for series management are using taxonomy.

Corrections and news

I did a lot of internal changes, but the interface remains almost identical.
The only changes are:

  • Replacing page Series Editor by a new page, similar to those for editing categories or keywords,
  • Replacement dialog box EG-Series, which allowed to include the post in a serie, by a simple dialog box, on the right side.

Main bug fixes:

  • Sort of posts,
  • bad consistency in the options’ shortcode, and auto shortcode,
  • the size of the shortcodes’ configuration window in the TinyMCE editor,
  • now, only the administrator has the right to change the options (not everybody!).

New features:

  • The plugin now offers urls for series http://host/path/series/name of the serie/,
  • possibility of developing a template dedicated to the series (some examples are given for the most popular themes),
  • choice whether to use the stylesheet plugin (performance optimization),
  • Securing the series editor: you can choose who has the right to edit the series,
  • series have the same properties as the tags (slug, description, …).

Comment: the upgrade from version 1.x to version 2.0 requires a data conversion done automatically during the reactivation of the plugin. You should not have to reconfigure anything.

Where do we stand?

The development itself is finished. The plugin is entering in the test phase. Meanwhile, I am updating the languages files, and documentation. The next step is to install the plugin on this blog, run it a few days before publication.