Some incidents: plugin and multilingualism

Since december, I publish less than previously, because I try to finalize my plugin (for publishing). I use my own blog as a laboratory to verify that they work well, and this has generated in recent times, some incidents, especially in the sidebar.

I would ask you to excuse these errors, which certainly disturb your reading. The disturbances were mainly the sidebar which has partly disappeared for a few hours.

To be clear, the problems come from the structure of my development: I built a tool box used by all my plugins. The advantage is time saving, the downside is that all of my developments are more or less linked. If I change the toolbox for a plugin, the behavior of other plugins is immediately impacted.

So I re-segmented my developments, and all things should gradually return to normal.

Other incidents come from the transition to multilingualism (with ZDMultiLang). The plugin has some problems with version 2.7 of WordPress, and multilingualism itself imposes some constraints with widgets.

I will try to publish the posts in french and english, to evaluate the time required. If the workload is too heavy, I will keep english for the developments category only, and continue in french only for the other catagories.