Some changes on the blog

Here are some modifications on the blog in recent weeks. No revolution, but small changes to make navigation both clearer and faster. I also fixed some errors.


I reduced the number of tags. I had too much tags with a single occurrence. I reduced the list, using the tags, either as a sub-category or theme. Today the list has about 40 tags.

The other change is using the plugin WP Super Cache for faster access to pages of the blog. I performed the installation without taking care, but it seems that everything works properly.
In a few days I will look at GWT to see progress.

I also made a series of updates, including WordPress itself, which is now in version 2.9.2.

Speaking about WordPress, I really appreciate two new features of version 2.9: thumbnails, and include / exclude parameters of shortcode gallery. They bring a real comfort.

Bug fix

  • Small display bugs in widgets,
  • There were some bugs during display of galleries: they cut some chapters into two parts. The problem came from the stylesheet,
  • I changed a little plugin that I use to display Google Docs, which did not work very well.

General Comments

I’m pretty busy right now, I can’t publish as often as I would like. I live on a stock of posts I already wrote. This stock is almost empty.

I am late in the development of some plugins, especially EG-Delicious-sync. I tried to speed up without much success so far. I am near the end of the modification to allow the plugin working with Yahoo authentication.

I am not sure I will keep the « brief ». First, these briefs require as much as work than short posts, and then I think the result is not very beautiful (break alignments). So, briefs may become short posts.

I abandon the idea of translating all the blog posts. I’m going to restrict translations of posts of categories Techno and Development, as I began to do so.

I think it’s time to replace the current theme, but I wait to have enough availability to do so.