Redirect blog’s feeds to Feedburner

When I built this blog, the main idea was to host everything, mainly to not depend on external services. The RSS feeds were part of this strategy. Meanwhile, blog, ideas and technologies evolved, and my today’s priority is performance. One of on-going actions, is externalizing RSS feeds to FeedBurner

Several advantages:

  • We lighten the blog from RSS’ queries,
  • FeedBurner allows publishing posts to social platforms such as Twitter, we can then desactivate the plugin for twitter
  • Feedburner brings some additional services such as newsletter

The risks, or the disadvantages are now minimum.

I started the migration with the configuration of FeedBurner, one week ago. he new posts are now published also in Twitter.

Today (Nov 14th), queries to blog’s feeds are redirect to FeedBurner. I hope this migration won’t generate to many disturbance.