EG-Series helps you to promote your posts, by organizing them in another way than dates, categories, or tags.
The plugin provides a set of easy and ergonomic functions to manage series of posts. EG-Series allows to create, delete or rename series, and add/remove the posts into series. It also includes widgets and shortcodes to display list of series, or the list of posts belonging to the series of the current post.


WordPress gives us a lot of ways of classification: categories, tags, dates … All of these methods are efficient, and cover most of our needs. But they are applied to all posts, and don’t allow differentiating or highlighting some specific posts. Sometime, it may be helpful to group items into folders or into series, in order to promote these posts, or simply because they belong to a logical sequence, such as tutorials with several stages.

Example: You want to speak about SEO. You have two kinds of posts: some of them tutorials, some others are just news about SEO. Without series, you can create pages for tutorials, and posts for news, or use a specific tag for tutorials. But, in both cases, you need to customize your theme to manage these tutorials posts, and how to display the list of these posts inside other posts. With EG-Series, you can easily group posts, and display them in widgets, or posts, …

EG-Series use only standard tools of WordPress, and doesn’t create additional tables. The version 2 of the plugin uses the taxonomies.

Display series

EG-Series provides mainly four tools to display series, and posts in series

  • A shortcode and a widget display the list of your series,
  • A shortcode and a widget display the list of posts for a specified serie.


The shortcode series displays the list of your series.
This list can be customized, with parameters like

  • title, and title format,
  • Type of list (ul for simple list, or ol for numbered list),
  • Number of series to display,
  • Display posts inside series list (like a table of content)
  • … …

The shortcode seriesposts displays the list of posts, of a specific serie.
Parameters allow you to customize:

  • The title,
  • The order of the posts,
  • The format of the list (simple or ordered),
  • The information displayed (date, excerpt, …).
    List of posts of a serie

Three ways on inserting the shortcode

EG-Series proposes three ways of inserting shortcode into the posts.

  • Fully manual: you manually enter the shortcode in your post content,
  • Manual: the plugin includes an interface, integrated into the post editor, to choose the options of the shortcode, and insert it into the posts content,
  • Automatic: With a feature named « auto-shortcode », you can display the list of attachments, without inserting the shortcode in each involved post. Just activate the option, and the plugin will detect automatically the attachments, and then will display the list.
    Integration à l’éditeur TinyMCE


Two widgets are available to display series or posts in series. These widgets can be customized with the same options than the shortcode.

List of series (widget)

Manage your series easily

EG-Series provides to you, an easy way of managing your series, by using Ajax technologie.
In the same page, with just a drag & drop, you can add or remove a post/page to/from a serie, or move posts/pages from a serie to another.

Advanced series editor

Series can be managed like categories, or tags:


Series Editor


The plugin is existing in English and French version.

The plugin comes with French and English translations, please refer to the WordPress Codex for more information about activating the translation.

If you want to help to translate the plugin to your language, please have a look at the eg_series.pot file which contains all defintions and may be used with a gettext editor like Poedit.

If you have created your own language pack, or have an update of an existing one, please send .po and .mo files to me so that I can bundle it into the plugin.


Thanks to the following people for their help

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