When I started this blog with WordPress, I developed a small piece of code to display list of archives in a compact way. The list was displayed by grouping the posts by year and then by month, according to a pivot year. Some of you ask me to include this code into a plugin.
EG-Archives provides a widget and a template tag, and allows to display the archives in this mixed mode, between annual and monthly frequency.


EG-Archives provides a widget (and a template tag) to display archives in yearly mode, AND monthly, according a specified pivot date.
The standard archives widget doesn’t accept a lot of parameters. You can just specify

  • a title,
  • if you want to display posts count or not.

With the EG-Archives widget, you can choose

  • the title,
  • the format of the list (simple or dropdown list),
  • the type: Yearly, Monthly, …

A specific type is added: the « mixed Yearly/monthly » type.
With this type, you can display list of archives in yearly mode before a specified year, and in monthly mode after this specified date. This type allows to shorten list, and is very useful if you don’t publish too many posts per year.

Liste des archives
Archives list


  1. The plugin is available for download on the WordPress repository,
  2. Download the file ``, and uncompress it,
  3. Upload the resulting files to a folder in `../wp-content/plugins/`,
  4. Activate EG-Archives through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress,
  5. The plugin is ready to be used,

The plugin is now ready to be used.
You can also use the WordPress 2.7 features, and install the plugin directly from the WordPress interface.


EG-Archives adds a widget, and a template tag.


  • Go to the Appearence / Widgets menu,
  • Active the widget named: EG-Archives,
  • Configure it, through the widget menu.
Configuration du widget
Widget configuration

Template tag

You can display the archives list, anywhere in your templates, with the function: eg_get_archives('arguments')
Arguments are the same than the standard WordPress function `wp_get_archives`.

  • type (string) The type of archive list to display. Valid values: yearly, monthly, daily, weekly, postbypost. Default is monthly,
  • limit (integer) Number of archives to get. Default is no limit,
  • format(string) Format for the archive list. Valid values:
    • html – In HTML list (ul/li) tags and before and after strings. This is the default,
    • option – In select (select/option) or dropdown option () tags,
    • link – Within link (link) tags,
    • custom – Custom list using the before and after strings.
  • before (string) Text to place before the link when using the html or custom for format option. There is no default,
  • after (string) Text to place after the link when using the html or custom for format option. There is no default,
  • show_post_count (boolean) Display number of posts in an archive (1 – true) or do not (0 – false). For use with all type except ‘postbypost’. Defaults to 0,
  • echo (boolean) Display the output (1 – true) or return it (0 – false). Defaults to 1.

eg_get_archives accept an additional argument:

  • pivot (integer) The « pivot » year. Before the pivot, archives are listed i yearly mode, after archives are listed in monthly mode. Default: current year (currently 2009)

Frequently Asked Questions