Plugins update

During last weeks, I received a number of requests for new features on plugins EG-Attachments, and EG-Series. This features are now included in new versions. What’s new? optional display of icons in EG-Attachments, improved management of dates, and use of pages for EG-Series.

EG-Attachments 1.2.8

The change is mainly the ability to choose to display icons or not. I had some problems with this request: the plugin previously generated a list of definitions (dl, dt, dd). The icons are placed in the tag dt, and the rest is placed in dd. If I kept this structure and don’t display the icons, I had to create an empty block dt, which is not very clean. I chose another way: when the icons are displayed, I keep the current structure, when they aren’t, the built list is a simple list (ul / li).

In this way, I keep a complete compatibility with previous versions, while offering a list of correct format for those who do not want to display icons.

I also added the corresponding field in the options page of automatic shortcode.

EG-Series 1.0.0

The changes are more important, and focus on

  • Managing date format
  • Edit posts and pages (not posts only).

The plugin now offers the ability to show or not the publication dates of the posts. You can also set the format of these dates. By default, the suggested format is contained in the options of WordPress.

The plugin handled the posts so far. He now manages the posts and the pages. The menu EG-Series Posts has been modified accordingly, with the page editor.

Not yet resolved: the message reported by Jane: Illegal offset type in isset or empty in /plugins/eg-series/lib/ I think the error comes from the version of PHP: the plugin runs properly with PHP 4.4, I have to test it with previous versions of PHP. I have to install this kind of version for that.

Validation WordPress 2.8

I performed a series of tests with the current 2.8 version under development (Bêta 1 – Build 11426), and I haven’t encountered any problem. As changes in this version are now fixed, we can consider that the plugins are WP 2.8 compatible. I will confirm that after the final release will be published.
It remains for me to watch the new widgets API, whether I accommodate my own library, or if I wait.


The plugin EG-Attachments is now quietly stable. I won’t add many new features, it already offers a lot, for a plugin that was initially just developed to list attachments. Today it has 1500 downloads (since February 2009), the number of users is estimated at fifty.

EG-Series is newer, and I think there are some margins of improvement. Published at the end of March, it recorded about 250 downloads.