Merry Christmas

This blog (and its author) will pause for a few days during this holiday period. I take opportunity of this post (the last of the year) to wish you a Merry Christmas.

I think you won’t see this break. Since I no longer published as frequently as before. In recent months I have, in fact, less free time, and this would not change for another few weeks.

The work on plugins, originally planned during the Christmas holidays, will certainly be postponed to January. Following the release of WordPress 2.9, I had an emergency repair, two of my plugins (EG-Attachments, and EG-Series), that prevented posts editing.

I also beg your pardon for cancellation of the post on WordPress MU, which was published then cancelled. It will be published again in early January, with correct screenshots.

However,I still continue to work on plugins and posted, but publications will simply staggered.

For January, you will receive

  • A new version of EG-Attachments, allows to choose the position of automatic shortcode, and adding the concept of custom format (an idea deDave)
  • A new version of EG-Series also allows to choose the position of the shortcode automatic
  • An article presenting WordPress MU
  • A fairly large section on the photo flash.

In the meantime, I want you again, a very happy end of year, and Merry Christmas.