I am back (tentative)

After being away from the blog for a few months, I am trying a gradual come back.

Recent months have been difficult to manage, both professionally, personally. I am just beginning to have some time for me.

So I will gradually resume my publications, with a first problem: I will talk about what? While waiting to find some interesting subjects

  • I first get my weekly press review,
  • I have some posts on Android (phone over IP, and tools for photographers)
  • I will update of my plugins, including EG-Attachments and EG-Series.

Then, I think publish new posts about photo, but to do this, I need time to practice, …

About WordPress, I don’t know if I will continue to produce articles on this platform because there are already many good posts on the subject, and even if new versions are released, the platform is stable (no revolution).