First Birthday

The first post of this blog was published in february 16th, 2008. So today the blog celebrates its first birthday. I think it’s the time to make a summary of the work done.

Some figures

The following numbers give us a good view of the work done during the last year:

  • 119 published posts: 69 in the Technos category, 33 in photos and 17 in perso,
  • 4 series: 2 in Photos and 2 in Technos,
  • WordPress is taking a big part on this blog: I speak about this software in more than 41 posts,
  • 3500 visitors, 7500 pages viewed: we progress, but the first months were very very low.

A lot of work and discoveries

All of these figures don’t show what was the work, and what were the many discoveries done.
My previous Web site experience was in 2002, and the site was build with a mix between PHP and HTML (with tables as structure)!!!

When I start this project, I had to choose a blog engine, and I discover WordPress. I started then to develop my own theme, and discover the HTML/CSS standards, and CSS frameworks. I discovered also all the developments for WordPress with plugins and widgets.

At the same time, I started again to make some photos. I left this activity after a failure of my camera in 2002. To reach a good level, I read and test a lot. This training leads to a posts serie. These posts were quiet difficult to publish (long and complex). This work was efficient, because these posts attract, since some months, more than 30% of visitors.

During post publishing, I also had to solve issues: SEO, spams, … I changed of host, and have now my own domain name.

I follow news of Web 2.0 technologies with « Web 2.0 tools » such as RSS Readers, digg-like services, and bookmarks manager, such as Delicious.

And the future

I think I won’t be able to keep the current rythm. My interests evolve: Today, I am more interested by photos than techno …

But I still have a lot of posts in draft mode, and a lot of ideas. For the Techno category, I will continue to publish my plugins, and perhaps some widgets. I have also some posts related to plugins and themes development. About WordPress, I had some ideas about themes dedicated to specific activities. Perhaps these themes will be published.

For the Photo category, I have a lot of photos that can be published. I will also continue tutorials on « shooting ». The next posts will speak about Flash usage. I don’t know today if I will start to publish on « post-shooting activity ». I have some ideas about software tests for example.

I haven’t write a lot for the category Perso during 2008. Several times, I tried to write on news (society, political, economical …), but I often take a lot of time to write this kind of post, which are discarded before the end. This year, I will try to publish more posts, shorter. Why not a daily list of links?

The general target is « optimization »: write more with less time and efforts. I need to sleep in fact.


I get some lessons from this year:

  • A blog takes a lot of time, especially if we want to produce interesting and original content,
  • The blogs world becomes more professional, and becomes more difficult for « amateurs » (non-professionals),
  • It’s easier to write technical posts than write our opinions.

The result is quite positive: the blog is running properly, I can write regularly without taking too much time, and I reach reasonable traffic.

The year 2009 will certainly be a transition year: will I still have some ideas, something to publish? Will I keep the current subjets (Photos and Technos)? What will happen with plugins and themes publication?

Anyway, I hope you will continue to read regularly my posts.