FeddBurner: Successful operation

One week ago, I switched my feeds from local to FeedBurner. I had some concerns, mostly related to multilingual aspects. But, at the end, the operation went smoothly.

The following diagram shows the evolution of local subscriptions and FeedBurner’s subscriptions.

History of the subscriptions

I still have some readers on local feeds, but their number remains less than 10 per day.

From a technical standpoint, redirect RSS feeds to FeedBurner can be done with two methods:

  • Write redirection rules within the file .htaccess: redirections are managed at the web server level, without using WordPress, nor PHP,
  • Use a plugin like FeedSmith, which intercept and redirect local requests to FeedBurner.

I chose the second solution: First, I do not master the syntax of .htaccess, and then I wanted to manage the multilingual aspects. FeedSmith plugin is simple to understand: I used it, and just adding the required PHP lines to the management English language.

The result is quite effective. In a few days, I will disable the software FeedStats that allowed me to get statistics on my local subscriptions. Then I will measure the effect of this migration on the blog’s performances.