Fed up with Twitter

Do you notice that, today, we cannot escape from Twitter? Each geek blog publish posts like « What I’m doing Twitter, » or « Why follow me on Twitter? » Or « Strong growth of Twitter » …
We had almost the same thing with Facebook a few months ago. I suppose this is what we call « viral marketing »: talk about the product until people have the idea to try it. The last operation is for the Cannes Festival.

I don’t know what you think about, but for my point of view, it’s become unbearable.
Contrary to advertising, such communication is imposed on us, we cannot pass through: advertisement is hidden inside posts of our favorite blogs.

The snowball effect is also quite pernicious: the more you talk, the more people are interested, and therefore it is interesting to talk about (in terms of traffic). Other subjects or other products become completely uninteresting.

At the end, this behavior limits seriously the topics of conversation:

  • for Smartphones, no way for who buy anything other than an iPhone or Android devices (those who wanted to talk about BlackBerry had the slot of the American elections),
  • for connected geeks, impossible to discover something else than Twitter or Facebook,
  • do the bloggers even talk about other products than WordPress (no, WordPress is not the only blog engine in the world!!!).

In short, this hidden advertising bore me, and shows how the blogosphere, in technology, as in other domains, is very far from the independence that it claims to have.