EG-Series 1.4

After several months of immobility, I decided to improve the plugin EG-Series. This version fixes some bugs, and adds features requested by users.

Bugs fixed

Since version 1.3, an error prevented rename the series. This problem is now solved.
I had two problems in the « posts editor » page:

  • comments and trackbacks were always disabled when the metabox of EG-Series was activated,
  • some links disappeared.

Jan Fabry, gave me the solution for the second bug, and I finally found the solution for the first. To be confirmed however.

I fixed a lot of errors in French translation. For example, the widgets interface stayed in English, while the translation was active in the rest of the plugin.

New Features

Two main features:

  • Ability to choose the position of the automatic shortcode,
  • The url of series can lead to a specified page (or post), instead of the first post of the serie.

The shortcode can now automatically appear: before the excerpt, between the excerpt and the content of posts, or at the end of posts. The new positions works well with manual excerpt, and teaser (excerpt using <!–more–>).

Until now, the url of a series always pointed to its first post (from the publication date). You can now specify the identifier of a page or post, and then dedicate a page or post to each serie.

Finally, in the widgets displaying the list of series, you can now use the name of the series as the title of the widget.


EG-Series progresses. I will try to improve it gradually, using suggestions from users (1600 downloads), while keeping the goal of having a plugin least « bulky » as possible.

The documentation will be updated soon.