EG plugins: quick status

We are (already) at the end of the summer holidays. This time is always the opportunity to make a status of your activity. Since 2009, I published four plugins. Some of them are mature, others still have good margins of evolution. So I took a few hours to set an overall development strategy for knowing what to add, change, or stop.

Four plugins are currently published on

  • EG-Attachments displays attachments of posts,
  • EG-Series manages series / list of posts or pages,
  • EG-Archives provides a widget displaying archives in different forms,
  • EG-Delicious synchronizes Delicious links with the WordPress blogroll. It’s my latest plugin, and also the most complex.

These four developments are hearing « honorable » (stats get on August 31st)

Plugin Number of downloads First Published
EG-Archives 300 June 2009
EG-Attachments 2890 February 2009
EG-Delicious 396 July 2009
EG-Series 775 April 2009

The most popular plugin is EG-Attachments, which is quite normal because it has virtually no competition.


The plugin is in stabilization mode since version 1.2.0: no major new features, but bug fixing, and taking into account of some WordPress features (posts locked by password, for example).

Two major features will come within two months:

  • a click tracker: Initially, I didn’t want to add this kind of function, but I had a lot of requests. The tracking system will certainly come with one or two pages of statistics and an export function to CSV,
  • a widget displaying the attachments of the current post.

The clicks tracker is already developped. I changed the download section in version 1.4.0 to anticipate this feature. Statistics pages are almost ready, but I still have some errors in the statistics themselves. All should be ready within weeks.


Certainly the heaviest works for next weeks. In fact this plugin is quite paradoxical: it does not meet a huge success (about 700 downloads since its publication), but it is very popular with people who are tested it. Main quality mentioned: it works (!?), and it is lighter than the others. I think that the first comment is too severe, because these plugins are good. This last remark is interesting because it reinforces my decision to write the plugin.

Now I will have to manage a contradiction: I would like to add some features, but I want to keep plugin as light as possible. Initially I didn’t want to create a taxonomy for managing series: the plugin might be heavier and I would do a clone of Organize series, or In-Series. But with the new taxonomy of WordPress 2.8, I must re-evaluate this possibility.

The main changes planned are:

  • Manage order of posts in series: this function is not very difficult to add, except for ergonomic …
  • Add functionalities to existing shortcodes: choice of format, adding the excerpt …
  • Add new shortcodes, or modify the existing to display a table of contents, for example.

From an interface point of view, I will certainly have to use Ajax, but I never use this technology, so you have to be patient.


This plugin took me a long time in recent months. It will now enter in a phase of stabilization without major addition. There are some things to adjust:

  • Clarify error messages to help users to better understand what happen,
  • Improving ergonomics of synchronization pages

When I will be satisfied with the current version, I will add new features, like adding links to Delicious from the WordPress blogroll.


The smallest plugin I develop. It meets some success with 270 downloads in two months. I plan two publications,

  • Evolve the library of widget management (using the WP 2.8 API),
  • Improve the presentation, giving the possibility to display a column for months, and a column for years

After that, I think the plugin will not see a lot of changes, unless a user gives me an idea.


Now you know everything about the future of my plugins. Except EG-Series, they won’t require, in theory, a lot of changes in the future. I say in theory, because I said the same thing about EG-Attachments few months ago, and finally this plugin has undergone many changes.

So if you have ideas for new features, please contact me