EG-Blog: Year 2

I almost forgot the birthday of the blog. The first post was published the February 18th, 2008.  So, with a little delay, I take this opportunity to share with you some figures.

Today, EG-Blog contains

  • 200 posts,
    • 96 posts in the category Techno,
    • 59 posts in the category Photo,
    • the other posts are in the category Perso,
  • and 550 spams per month.

The traffic remains modest, but it suits me:

  • More than 160 subscribers to RSS feeds,
  • An average of 250 visitors per day.

Audience is spread accross a big amount of posts, especially for photo tutorials. The two most read are the Test on  Panasonic FT-1 (far ahead), and the post on Which size of printing according number of pixels.

I keep my first idea « SEO is like wind »

  • Regardless of the meta tags, regardless of the title …
  • Higher is the publication frequency,
  • And / or bigger is the number of posts related to hardware, software, …

Better will the traffic. The ascertainment may also be discouraging, because finally, a 3 lines post announcing the release of the latest gadgets (you know the stuff that starts with i), will always generate a better traffic than a tutorial of several pages (with the work that goes behind).

The future

In fact, I stop to define strategies or plans of publication. I will publish posts, according my wishes and my availability.

Two topics will remain: WordPress, and photography, with a predominance, today, for the photography. I continue my learning on this subject, and will deliver posts or tutorials as and when. Currently, I have two subjects: panorama, and flash. For the first one, I hope having a panoramic head soon, and for the second, I try to move from theory to practice. For WordPress, I am focus on the next version 3.0 and the MU edition.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to update plugins already published.

I will also try to publish more personal posts to give my opinion on different topics. Those I published before, generated comments and discussions.