EG-Attachments, version

I published this night, a new version of EG-Attachments. Not a major update, but bug solved, and some new features.

I didn’t work on my plugins for a long time. I had many requests and/or bugs to solve. So I decided to work again on these plugins, starting by the easiest one: EG-Attachments.

Three targets:

  • Bug fix,
  • New features that I can develop easily,
  • Cleanup of internal libraries.

Bug fix

Should be solved:

  • Shortcode option order_by didn’t work properly,
  • Unexpected comma in the list of fields when shortcode was built with the TinyMCE EG-attachment button,
  • Statistics didn’t work,
  • Some errors in french translation,
  • In the admin panel, fields Description and Caption were proposed for both Medium and Large size. Only Caption can be displayed with Medium,
  • Error in the widget, when fields caption and description was checked together,
  • In some cases, file size was not displayed,
  • Links of attachments are now encoded (XHTML compliant),
  • %FILE_SIZE% parameter didn’t work in custom format

New features

New features are mainly about Custom. Now auto and manual shortcodes share the same default values. It means that you can now select size=custom, without specifying format values.

You can also choose to load or not, the default plugin stylesheet. If you decide to not load this stylesheet, you have to copy all styles in your theme CSS file. Reduce the number of CSS file can improve blog performances.

Cleanup internal libraries

Internal libraries was developed just before WordPress 2.7 was issued. So after each WP version (2.7, 2.8, …), I modified them to follow WP features or API. So, they contain a lot of tests to know what is the version of WP used.

To simplify these libraries, I decide to support only the last 3 versions of WP.  So I suppressed all code dedicated to WP version prior to 2.8.


This version should solve most of bugs detected by users.
I don’t know yet what will be next steps. I have mainly two requests:

  • Display any documents from the media library (not only documents attached to the current post),
  • Improve the custom format by using template files.

I will see later if I implement one of these requests or both.

The next short term objective is updating EG-series.