EG-Attachments: Support

Do you have questions or issues with EG-Attachments?

How to get support

  1. Read the documentation provided,
  2. Read the Frequently Asked Questions below,
  3. Read the forums threads in,
  4. If you still have a question, please ask it in the dedicated page of the plugin repository (it’s free).


How to display documents that are not related to the current post?

You have two ways:

  • Specify, with parameter id, the post to which documents are attached,
  • With the parameter docid, give the list of documents you want to display.
During post edition, how can I see the list of attachments that will be displayed?

In the menu Settings / EG-Attachments, in the chapter Administration interface, you can choose to show or hide, a metabox that displays attachments of the post being edited.

Could I have some examples of the usage of `orderby` shortcode option?
  • orderby= »mime DESC » to sort by mime type descending,
  • orderby=date or orderby= »date ASC » to sort by date ascending,
How can I display attachments by modifying my templates?

In your single.php file, add the following code: <?php echo do_shortcode(''); ?>

How can I change the styles?

The stylesheet is named eg-attachments.css, and can be stored in two places:

  • In the plugin directory,
  • In the directory of your current theme
I would like to change the icons

Just copy/upload your own icons in the images subdirectory of the plugin.
Size of icons must be 52×52 or 48×48. Name of icons must be the mimetype or file extension.

I click on a document to test statistics, but counters stay flat

EG-Attachments uses a cache system to build statistics, avoiding to launch heavy queries, each time you want to see statistics. The cache duration is 15 minutes. If you want to test statistics, click on several attached files, and then wait 15 minutes, your clicks will appear.

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