WordPress is widely used today as a blogging platform, and CMS. For me the two keys of this success are

  • The tool is user friendly: you can quickly write posts, and publish them, without specific IT knowledge,
  • And the tool is opened for developers: it’s easy to understand how to develop a theme, or a plugin.

The second point made me a WordPress fan. At the beginning, I made some developments (my theme), mainly out of curiosity. Then, I developped some plugins for my own needs, and at the end, I published them.



EG-Series helps you to promote your posts, by organizing them in another way than dates, categories, or tags. The plugin provides a set of easy and ergonomic functions to manage series of posts. EG-Series allows to create, delete or rename series, and add/remove the posts into series. It also includes widgets and shortcodes to display list of series, or the list of posts belonging to the series of the current post.


WordPress doesn't give an easy way to display list of attachments in the posts. EG-Attachments is basically a shortcode, that can be manually or automatically be added to your posts, in order to display list of attached files. EG-Attachments can be configured with a lot of options, and provides an easy way of inserting shortcode, with a TinyMCE post editor integration.


When I started this blog with WordPress, I developed a small piece of code to display list of archives in a compact way. The list was displayed by grouping the posts by year and then by month, according to a pivot year. Some of you ask me to include this code into a plugin. EG-Archives provides a widget and a template tag, and allows to display the archives in this mixed mode, between annual and monthly frequency.


Coming soon.
I will publish this theme, when it will be stable.