Big scare

One week ago, I decided to no longer looked Google Analytics in daily manner as I did before. Last Tuesday, after one week, I look again, and then, the horror: the audience has dropped to 2 visits / day, with a curve similar of DownJones at the beginning of this year! Panic mode, alert, council of war, … What happened?

Here the curve as it appeared last Tuesday:

The incident

Quickly, I realized that the scripts of Google Analytics was not present at the bottom of my pages as usual.
Immediately afterwards, I remember a wave operation done just before going to bed Saturday night, on one of my template (on footer.php curiously …).

After correction, the curve has returned to its usual level:

Retour à l'état habituel
Return to usual values

Conclusion of the story

  • Never make any change « in production » with only one eye opened, and just before shutting down your computer,
  • Take a look to Analytics from time to time, may still be useful.