10 Tips How To Photo Fireworks

The summer is coming, and this season is often synonym of fireworks. To complete the post on these shows, I found a post on the site Addicted to Life, giving us 10 rules for a successful photos of fireworks.

In the french post, I translate an article of Addicted to Life. It should be strange if a make an English translation of my own French translation.

So I just give you the 10 rules, and then suggest you to read the article.

The rules:

  1. Use a Tripod,
  2. Autorelease, Remote Control or Remote Cable,
  3. Framing
    • Come earlier,
    • Plan your shooting point,
    • Take the widest possible angle,
  4. Shutter speed,
  5. Diaphragm,
  6. Background,
  7. ISO,
  8. Turn Off The Flash,
  9. Downwind Shooting,
  10. Practice.